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Andromeda is an application platform layer that connects all public blockchains in the Cosmos ecosystem. Through our vast library of no-code smart contracts, users can harness the power of web3.

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Terra 2

Andromeda delivers advantages unlike any seen before.


Using Inter-Blockchain Communication (IBC), Andromeda is able to span all blockchains in the Cosmos, from Secret to Sentinel.


Drag. Drop. Decentralize. Andromeda has developed plug-and-play user-configurable modules that have transformed smart contract architecture.


With a simple and intuitive user interface, Andromeda can be deployed by developers of all skill levels.


With Andromeda, projects that once took months now take minutes, increasing speed to market and fluid application upkeep.

Empowering blockchains to talk to each other—and take on tomorrow.

The future is multi-chain—and Andromeda is ready. Using IBC, Andromeda transports lightweight configuration data from one chain to the next, enabling any chain in the Cosmos to connect with any other project.

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